CARES - Compressed Air Renewable Energy Storage

Project of Common Interest in Cheshire, UK

Current Status of the Project

Purpose of Each Plant

As stated elsewhere, this project consists of two plants: one at 40MW, 200MWh and the other at 500MW, 2.5GWh. These will be in different Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), the first of which is Storelectric Cheshire Limited.


The purposes of the 40MW plant include:

  • Demonstrating the technology profitably;
  • Enabling the financing of the 500MW plant;
  • Providing balancing and ancillary services to the distribution grid.


The 500MW plant will do the same for the transmission grid.


Current Status

We are working at present on the technical feasibility of the 40MW plant with the expectation of investment in taking this plant to “shovel ready” by the end of 2018, for construction and commissioning by the end of 2020. “Shovel ready” includes:

  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED) to the point of letting contracts;
  • Obtaining planning permission from the local authority;
  • Obtaining a grid connection offer from the Distribution Network Operator (DNO – Scottish Power Energy Networks).


Once this is done, the same will be done for the larger plant, though the planning application will be through the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIP) process, and the grid connection offer will be from the Transmission Services Operator (TSO – National Grid).


We will undertake a public consultation with each planning application, details of which will be published either on this website or on the SPV’s website (to which this site will link) at the appropriate times.




A 500+40MW adiabatic Compressed Air Renewable Energy Storage project in Cheshire, UK, providing large scale and long duration (5 hours) energy storage efficiently and without emissions



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